Fence Posts

Forest Products Distributors, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of round fence posts in the United States. Our perfectly doweled-turned fence posts are manufactured from Ponderosa Pine and Lodgepole Pine. Our post and pole manufacturing facility and CCA treating plant are located in Rapid City, SD. Our central location in the U.S. allows us to ship anywhere in the country.

The doweled-turned posts are much straighter, there is little or no unsightly bark, and a relatively smooth surface; unlike regular peeled posts. All our doweled post materials are banded in square bundles and stickered. The stickers allow the posts in the bundle to dry properly before they are CCA pressure treated. The square bundles make them much easier and safer for loading and unloading. The square bundles make inventory yard storage a snap. The banding we use is a super strong plastic/string composite, making cutting the bands much safer and easier, vs. steel banding.

We manufacture our posts poles in diameters as small as 3” and as large as 8” in diameter. Our lengths range from 4’ – 30’. We point and cap posts up to 8” in diameter.

Please contact our knowledgeable sales personnel for more information and pricing.

Ron Beaumont 605-721-0079 rwbeaumont1@forpd.com

Buker Beaumont 605-721-0078 bbeaumont@forp.com

Mike Gadd 605-721-0084 mgadd@forpd.com

SHIPPING Plant/Manufacturing

5400 Old Folsom Rd.,

Rapid City, SD 57703

Phone. 605-348-7685

Sales Office

4200 Beach Drive,

Suite 2,

Rapid City, SD 57709

Phone. 605-341-6500