A wholesale lumber company with a remanufacturing facility

Who we are

Forest Products Distributors is a full service lumber remanufacturing and distribution company. FPD is also a well-established company in the wood import industry. Since 1983 FPD has provided excellent service in the lumber industry and continues to expand its customer needs. Today, FPD supplies lumber products from west coast to east coast and around the globe.


At FPD, we know our business is built on customer and supplier trust, and we have spent over 35 years in the industry earning that trust. Our commitment to earning the trust of our customers and suppliers is demonstrated by the skill and integrity of our staff. We believe that as our customers' needs change, so must we, and we strive to grow with our customers while remaining responsive, competitive and dependable.

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SHIPPING Plant/Manufacturing

5400 Old Folsom Rd.,

Rapid City, SD 57703

Phone. 605-348-7685

Sales Office

4200 Beach Drive,

Suite 2,

Rapid City, SD 57709

Phone. 605-341-6500