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At Forest Products Distributors, we know that our business is built on customer and supplier trust, and we have spent over 30 years in the industry earning that trust. Our sales staff, with over 250 years of experience in the lumber industry, uses our remanufacturing and distribution facility to complement direct shipments, making Forest Products Distributors your one-stop lumber supplier. We have developed capabilities that enable us to provide unique services for our customers, including re-manufacturing, re-grading, re-packaging, and expanding inventories. Our commitment to earning the trust of our customers and suppliers is demonstrated by the skill and integrity of our staff, the priority we place on quickly resolving problems, and the value we place on our relationships with customers and suppliers. We also believe that, as our customers’ needs change, so must we, and we strive to grow with our customers while remaining responsive, trustworthy, competitive, and dependable.


FPD was formed in 1979 under Madera Pacific, a vertically integrated company with retail yards, a truss plant, pre-hung door plant, wholesale building distribution, and a trucking company. FPD purchased lumber and plywood items for sister companies and sold direct shipments of these same items to customers throughout the Midwest. In 1983, Madera Pacific sold the assets of FPD to Keith Danley and Carroll Korb who continued business as an office wholesaler of forest products.

FPD continued to sell commodity items as business started in the spring of 1983, however, the company's proximity to the Ponderosa Pine in the Black Hills National Forest, America’s first National Forest, offered an opportunity to develop sales for the many products that were produced from this forest. As customers were developed, FPD expanded its product line. In 1984 FPD purchased acreage and built a pressure treatment plant, and in 1985 added remanufacturing equipment. The treatment plant opened sales into agricultural markets and the remanufacturing equipment opened the industrial markets. In 1986, Keith Danley sold his shares to Jim Sorensen and Tim Danley.

Starting as an office wholesaler with 3 salesmen in the spring of 1983, FPD has continued to add personnel and equipment. Today, FPD’s sales team has the support of our remanufacturing plant positioned on 40 acres, with 160000 SF of covered storage. We welcome opportunities for growth in the coming years as we continue to expand to meet the needs of our customers.

Owners Group

Since becoming partners in 1986, Tim, Jim and Carroll have worked together to develop FPD's sales force, and to introduce new products, and add equipment and property as the company grew. Each of them is actvely involved in the day to day operations of the company. Their focus over the past 25 years has been with two over riding goals in mind: that at the end of each day, FPD has earned the trust of its customers and suppliers, and that it continues to look to the future and make the changes that will allow it to be successful for years to come.

With more than 100 years of combined lumber experience, the partners will continue to do what it takes to earn respect from FPD's customers and suppliers.

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